About Us

DBarrowThe Department of Neurosurgery at Emory University is consistently ranked as one of the top neurosurgical programs in the United States.  Our excellent reputation is attributed to our mission to provide outstanding care to all patients and achieving excellent outcomes. This is accomplished through subspecialization, unparalleled expertise in the full range of neurological conditions, patient and family centered care and innovative translational research to develop novel therapeutic options. Our tripartite mission is well balanced among exceptional patient care, research to improve the specialty and education of the next generation of physicians.

Welcome to Emory Neurosurgery!

Daniel L. Barrow, MD
Pamela R. Rollins Professor and Chairman
Director, MBNA Stroke Center

What sets us apart as a leader in neurosurgery includes:

Exceptional Patient Care by a Subspecialized and Multidisciplinary Team

To address complex neurological conditions, Emory has created a number of specialized programs and centers. These multidisciplinary teams include world-class neurosurgeons with focused expertise, experts from other disciplines in medicine, and highly skilled nurses and technicians, working in a collegial manner to bring our combined expertise to the needs of our patients.


The field of neurosurgery is complex and includes many subspecialties.  Our large faculty includes more than 25 physicians enabling individual surgeons and medical physicians to focus on all of the diverse subspecialties within our discipline. As a result, we can provide all options for the treatment of any conceivable type of neurological disorder.  These options often include minimally invasive and non-invasive alternatives to surgery.

Better Outcomes

Scientific studies consistently demonstrate high-volume centers have better outcomes for a variety of medical and surgical conditions than centers with less experience.  Emory University School of Medicine has the only academic neurosurgical center within a metropolitan area of nearly 6,000,000 individuals.  As a result, our highly specialized physicians manage among the highest volumes of many complex neurosurgical conditions in the country.

Team Approach

Our specialized, multidisciplinary teams work together to provide patients with all surgical, medical and interventional options available for optimal care of their condition. For example, Emory was the first institution in the state of Georgia to develop a specialized neuro-critical care team within the Department of Neurosurgery. This team of board certified neuro-intensivists and experienced nurse practitioners provide 24/7 intensive medical and critical care in collaboration with our specialized neurosurgical teams. 


We recognize that many neurological conditions currently lack ideal treatment options.  Our basic and translational research parallels our clinical excellence in an unwavering goal to advance the field.  Our research is supported by federal agencies, foundations, private donors and endowed chairs.  Our patients may have the opportunity to enroll in clinical trials that provide access to treatment options often not available in non-academic settings.

World Class Hospital Facilities

Emory neurosurgeons staff two university hospitals, Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown.  Our five pediatric neurosurgeons manage the largest volume of pediatric neurosurgery in all of North America at Henrietta Egleston Hospital and Scottish Rite Hospital of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Emory neurosurgeons also provide all the neurosurgical care at Grady Memorial Hospital. 


The Neurosurgery Residency Training Program at Emory University has a long-standing reputation as one of the nation's finest teaching programs.  The Residency Program offers students a comprehensive, diverse and intense ACGME accredited residency in neurosurgery and provides research training and opportunities for academic development and scholarship leading to certification by the American Board of Neurological Surgery.