Jonathan Riley, MD


Department of Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine


  • BS, Mercer University, 2004
  • MS, Case Western Reserve University, 2009
  • MD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner CoM of Case Western Reserve University, 2009


Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Areas of Interest

  • Spine
  • Epilepsy
  • Functional Neurosurgery

Future Plans


  • (2013) AANS Philip L. Gildenberg S&F Resident Award; American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  • (2012) Georgia Neurosurgical Society ‘Resident Paper’ Award – Fall Mtg 
  • (2011) Georgia Neurosurgical Society ‘Resident Paper’ Award – Fall Mtg 
  • (2011) George T. Tindall, Emory University Resident Research Award
  • (2011) Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Washington, DC. Resident Award
  • (2010) Project Shunt Team Participant, Guatemala City, Guatemala 
  • (2009) Uganda Charitable Spine Mission Team Participant, Old Mulago Hospital, Mengo Hospital, Kampala, Uganda 
  • (2009) International Medical Student Education Opportunity (IMSEO) Grant Award - In Support of Uganda Charitable Spine Mission Participation 
  • (2007) Young Investigator Award (YIA) - 2nd Mtg - International Society for Reconstructive Neurosurgery Taipei, Taiwan (Sept 13 - 16)



  • Backpacking
  • Travel
  • Snow Skiing
  • Mountain Biking


Accepted Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Riley J, Taub J, Raore B, Boulis N.  “An Overview of Domestic and International Clinical Trials for Delivery of Cellular Therapies to the Spinal Cord”.  Clinical Neurosurgery.  2012. 59: 98-104.
  • Riley J, Hurtig C, Boulis N.  Translating Biologic Therapies from Bench to Bedside for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Personalized Medicine.  2012. 9(6): 645-655.
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  • Riley J, Federici T, Polak M, Kelly C, Glass J, Raore B, Taub J, Kesner V, Feldman E, Boulis N.  Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in ALS: A Phase I Safety Trial, Technical Note & Interim   Safety Outcomes. Neurosurgery. 2012.  Aug 71(2):405-416
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  • Riley J, Butler J, Park J, Baker K, McClelland S, Nair D, Garrity-Moses M, Federici T, Boulis N. Targeted Spinal Cord Therapeutics Delivery: Stabilized Platform and MER Guidance Validation. Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery, 86: 67-74, 2007.

Accepted Publications for Peer-Reviewed Journals, Textbooks, Proceedings, or Periodicals

  • Riley J, Raore B, Boulis N. Chained lightning: advances in neuromodulation. Clin Neurosurg. 2009;56:9-17. PMID: 20214024
  • Federici T, Riley J & Boulis N. Gene-Based Neuromodulation. Textbook of Neuromodulation. 2009. (Krames E, Peckham H, and Rezai eds.). Elsevier Science, 2009.
  • Riley J and Boulis NM. Molecular Mechanisms of Pain: A Basis for Chronic Pain and Therapeutic Approaches Based on the Cell and the Gene. Clinical Neurosurgery. Vol 53. 2006. p. 67-98

Accepted Abstracts/Poster Presentations

  • Riley J, Federici T, Polak M, Feldman E, Glass J, Boulis N.  “A Phase I Safety Trial for Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in ALS: Assessment of Peri-Operative Morbidity and Procedural Safety”.  Congress of Neurological Surgeons.  2011.
  • Boulis N, Riley J, Federici T.  Human Stem Cell Transplantation:  The First U.S. Clinical Trial for ALS.  Congress of Neurological Surgeons.  2010.
  • Gary M, Riley J, Boulis N.  Novel Approaches to Improve Percutaneous Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation: A Retrospective Series.  Congress of Neurological Surgeons. 2010.
  • Federici T, Riley J, Johe K, Freeman T, Feldman E, Glass J, and Boulis N. Human Fetal Neural Stem Cell Transplantation for ALS: A Phase I Safety Trial. (2010) Cell Transplantation 19:3(338-9)
  • Raore B, Riley J, Federici T, Taub J, Johe K, Boulis N. Targeted Intraparenchymal Microinjection in the Pig Spinal Cord for Clinical Translation: Improvement from Rigid to Floating Cannula. Congress of Neurological Surgeons. 2009.
  • Teng Q, Katakam A, Yang J, Riley J, Federici T, Franz C, Kumar P, Boulis N. Suppression of Rat Hindlimb Motor Function through RheoSwitch Inducible Expression of Kir2.1 in the Lumbar Spinal Cord. Molecular Therapy. '08 
  • Federici T, Riley J, Park J, Teng Q, Franz C, Boulis N. Targeted microinjection of AAV2-GFP in the pig cervical spinal cord for clinical translation. Molecular Therapy. '08. 
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  • Yang J; Riley J; and Boulis NM. Preclinical Safety of Cervical Spinal Cord Injection of AAV.IGF-I for ALS (2007).
  • Riley J, Park J, Teng Q, Yang J, Federici T, and Boulis N. Development and Pre-Clinical Safety Validation of a Stabilized Intraspinal Microinjection Platform. 2nd Congress of ISRN. Sept. 2007. C14-18, p. 215.

Platform Presentations

  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons, New Orleans, LA, April 29, 2013.  Future.  Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in ALS, A Phase I Trial: Cervical Microinjection Safety Outcomes.
  • Georgia Neurosurgical Society, Atlanta, GA, Nov 17, 2012.  Porcine Intraventricular Cannulation, Validating a Strategy for Gene Delivery to the Central Nervous System.  
  • Georgia Neurosurgical Society, Lake Oconee, GA, Dec 3-4, 2011.  Cervical Targeted Intraspinal Microinjection:   Preclinical Morbidity Threshold Assessment.
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Washington, DC, Oct 3, 2011. A Phase I Safety Trial for Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in ALS: Assessment of Peri-Operative Morbidity and Procedural Safety”

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