Michael Moore, MD, MS


Department of Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine


  • BA, Georgetown University, 2005
  • MS, Case Western Reserve University, 2007
  • MD, Case Western Reserve University, 2011


Hometown: Shaker Heights, Ohio

Areas of Interests

  • Neurocritical care
  • Spine
  • Neuro-Oncology

Future plans

  • 12 month Neurocritical Care infolded  fellowship Emory University Accepted 2015-2016 5th year
  • 6 month Spine fellowship Infolded Emory university tentative planed 2016-2017 6th year 
  • Post-graduation neuro-Oncology/skull base fellowship PGY8


  • 2011 Herbert S Steuer Memorial Award for Work in Anatomy 
  • 2008 1st place Winner Lepow Research symposium CWRU 



  • Back-country camping
  • Hiking
  • Fly-fishing


  • American Cancer Society Textbook of CancercENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AND PERIPHERAL NERVE Tumor Chapter: chapter complete update to be published later this year                       
  • Taofeek K. Owonikoko, Jack Arbiser, Amelia Zelnak, Hui-Kuo G. Shu, Hyunsuk Shim, Adam M. Robin, Steven N. Kalkanis, Timothy G. Whitsett, Bodour Salhia, Nhan L. Tran, Timothy Ryken, Michael K. Moore, Kathleen M. Egan and Jeffrey J. Olson Current approaches to the treatment of metastatic brain tumours NATURE REVIEWS CLINICAL ONCOLOGY 2014 APR 11 203-22.
  • Moore MK, Fulop S, Tabib-Azar M, Hart DJ. Piezoresistive pressure sensors in the measurement of intervertebral disc hydrostatic pressure. Spine J. 2009 Dec;9(12):1030-4
  • Jackowe DJ, Moore MK, Bruner AE, Fredieu JR. New insight into the enigmatic white cord in Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (1632). J Hand Surg Am. 2007 Nov;32(9):1471-6.

Posters and Presentations 

  • Fall 2013 GNS fall meeting Angio negative SAH: distribution of blood and its correlation to clinical outcome
  • Fall 2012 GNS fall meeting Hemorrhagic Vestibular Schwannoma: A Review of Management
  • 2008 IMD international conference invited speaker: Biocompatable and Matched Piezo resistive Polymeric Films for Implantable telemetric Force Sensors for In Vivo Spinal Biochemical Measurements
  • 2008 1st place Winner Lepow Research symposium CWRU Poster presentation: Piezoresistive pressure sensors in the measurement of intervertebral disk hydrostatic pressure.
  • 2004 Edward M. Chester Summer Scholar poster fair: Comparison of complications of intermeduallary nail vs. plate fixation of distal tibial fractures.