Jason M. Frerich, MD, MS


Department of Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine


  • BA, Minnesota State University, 2006
  • MD, The Chicago Medical School, 2014


Hometown: Marshall, MN

Professional Interests

  • Cancer biology: the characterization of epigenetic changes that enable “normal” cells to become cancerous and eventual reprogramming of cancer cells to sensitize them for effective treatment, as well as the study of hypoxia and the role it plays in promoting tumorigenesis and chemo-radiotherapy resistance

Future Plans

  • Immediate career plans: infolded PhD during residency training
  • Future career plans: post-residency fellowship and faculty position as an academic neurosurgeon-scientist


  • 2014: Trustees Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Basic Sciences, The Chicago Medical School
  • 2014: Best Oral Scientific Presentation, The Chicago Medical School Research Consortium
  • 2012: HHMI-NIH Medical Research Scholars Program Fellowship, The National Institutes of Health
  • 2012: Junior Alpha Omega Alpha Inductee, Illinois Delta Chapter
  • 2011: Rock Award for Distinguished Student Leadership, The Chicago Medical School
  • 2010: MD with Distinction in Research Fellowship, The Chicago Medical School
  • 2009: Board of Trustees Scholarship Award, The Chicago Medical School



  • Music performance: solo vocalist/pianist/guitarist, small shows and open mic nights
  • Exploring the great outdoors: running, hiking, skiing, climbing, camping, and photography


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