Outline of Components

Core Exposure—6 months

Basic Science (3 months)

  • Academic Coursework
  • On-Campus Laboratories
  • Off-Campus Laboratories 

Clinical Science (3 months)

  • Academic Coursework
  • Stroke Neurology (One month) - Director: Michael Frankel, MD
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Rotation (One month) - Director: Owen Samuels, MD
  • Neuroanesthesia (One month) - Director: Joseph Webb, MD
  • Database Management/Mining (ongoing) - Director: Michael Cawley, MD


Visiting Externship (6 months)

Immersion Exposure—18 months

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship (Six months)

  • Director: Pat Hudgins, MD 

Combined Endo/Open Cerebrovascular Fellowship, Year #1 (Twelve months)

  • Director: Michael Cawley, MD                      
  • Daniel Barrow, MD                
  • Jacques Dion, MD
  • Frank Tong, MD 

Didactic Exposure—ongoing over 24 months

  • On-Campus Conferences
  • Microvascular Lab - Director: Michael Cawley, MD
  • Meetings/Courses/Seminars/Symposia
  • Masters of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR)