Laboratory Resources

Manuel Yepes, MD
Blood brain barrier
Serine proteases (TPA, neuroserpin) in animal models of acute ischemic stroke

Don Stein, PhD and Iqbal Sayeed, PhD
Dosing and windowing of progesterone in animal models of acute ischemic stroke

Shan Ping Yu, PhD
Basic mechanisms of acute ischemic stroke
Animal models of acute ischemic stroke

Stephen Traynelis, PhD
Cellular neuropharmacology of acute ischemic stroke; Excitotoxicity in acute ischemic stroke; NMDA Receptors

Michael Frankel, MD
Acute stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic) clinical trials; 
Serum inflammatory and endothelial biomarkers in intracranial atherostenosis
Health services research (QI, stroke registry); Biomarkers in ischemic stroke

Steve Wolf, PT, PhD
Clinical research trials in post-stroke recovery using constraint induced therapy

Andrew Butler, PT, PhD
Clinical research in post-stroke recovery using fMRI
Genetics of post-stroke recovery

Cathrin Buetefisch, MD, PhD
Clinical research in stroke recovery using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and fMRI

Byron Ford, PhD (Morehouse School of Medicine)
Contact: M. Yepes
Basic cellular mechanisms of ischemic stroke; neuroregulin

Michelle LaPlaca, PhD (GA Tech)
Contact: M. Yepes
Unique methods for delivering stroke treatment using cellular models of ischemia

Ling Wei, PhD
Stem cells and neuroprotection.  

Mark Mullins, MD
Advanced MRI, fMRI imaging of vascular diseases 

Frank Tong, MD
Non-human primate model of cerebral ischemia

Ashley Aiken, MD
Head & neck, trauma, tumor and stroke imaging

Jack Fountain, MD
Advanced applications of CT & CTA

Amit Saindane, MD
Advanced MRI imaging of white matter diseases and ischemia