Funding and Grants

The Laboratory for Clinically-Related Neuro-Oncology is grateful for the support provided from the following institutions:

Funded Work and Collaboration with Winship Cancer Institute Investigators

Dr. Erwin Van Meir

  • Establishment of a mouse medulloblastoma model to assess the role of p53 on cell proliferation regulation of medulloblastomas.
  • Collect brain tumor patients’ blood samples, separate the plasma and lymphocytes and store them in -80 for the brain tumor bank and maintain the brain tumor patients’ information on the tumor bank database.

Dr. Dan Brat

  • Establishment of brain neurosphere tumor models including neurosphere implantation in SCID mice.
  • Establishment of mouse intracranial tumor U87 models for observation of brain tumor cell migration and invasion.

Dr. Mamoru Shoji

  • Establishment of the U87MG intracranial tumor model and injection of brain cancer stem cells to assess the efficacy of Paclitaxel-FFRcK-FViia in these models.

Dr. Renee Reed

  • Establishment of mouse intracranial U87 tumor models to test if new tumor suppressor genes can inhibit brain tumor growth.
  • Test human brain tumor neurospheres to determine if can generate the brain tumor after implantation in the mouse.

Dr. Stephen Traynelis

  • Intracranial injection of the new compounds into non tumor bearing mice brain to assess the neurological toxicity of new compounds related to glutamate metabolism designed in his lab.

Dr. Hyunsuk Shim

  • Establishment of 9L rat brain tumor model to determine if proton MRS predicts the efficacy and metabolic impact of SAHA and other HDAC inhibitors on these tumors.

Dr. Dong Moon Shin Group

  • Testing the efficacy of a head and neck new cancer drug on U87 intracranial brain tumor bearing mice.