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      Pituitary Disorders: Laboratory of Molecular Neurosurgery
    and Biotechnology


Nelson M. Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS


John S. Parker, MD, PhD - Endocrinology
Victoria Stevens, PhD - Radiation Oncology

The Lab:

The Laboratory of Molecular Neurosurgery and Biotechnology is dedicated to determining the key elements in pituitary tumorigenesis.

The advent of sophisticated biotechnology has enabled researchers to investigate the cellular and molecular events contributing to the pathogenesis of pituitary tumors. As molecular analyses become more technologically sophisticated, more can be understood about the cellular and molecular basis of tumors.

Our studies include analysis of gene expression in pituitary tumors, protein analysis, and cell cycle analysis. We are interested in the key molecular events in tumor formation. We will use this knowledge to develop better therapies for these tumors.

Techniques used include:

Molecular biological techniques (e.g. DNA and RNA analysis, gene expression, PCR, DNA sequencing)
Cell culture - pituitary tumors
Animal studies

Funds are provided by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the NIH. This laboratory accepts medical students for summer research programs and now has a pituitary tumor bank of more than 300 specimens for molecular analysis.


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