2015 Articles

Tindall Lecture Series Held
The Emory Department of Neurosurgery recently held its annual Tindall Lecture Series on Thursday, October 29.  This year’s distinguished professor was Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., MD, from Washington University in St. Louis. 

Atlanta On-Site Intracerebral Hemorrhage Training
Emory Neurosurgery chairman Daniel Barrow, MD, and faculty member Gustavo Pradilla, MD, recently participated as speakers at an Atlanta-based training on the surgical treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) using the NICO Corporation’s BrainPath.

Cerebrovascular Research Laboratory Receives Top Honor
Dr. Nefize Turan, a post-doctoral fellow in Emory Neurosurgery’s Cerebrovascular Research Laboratory received the Top Poster Award for the Cerebrovascular Section at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons’ annual conference in New Orleans.  The winning project was titled "Progesterone Ameliorates Cerebral Vasospasm and Improves Outcomes in a Rodent Model of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage."

Optogenetics Shines with Inner Bioluminescence
Occasionally, the best way to show off is to ignore the proverb, "don't hide your light under a bushel." For instance, an inner light that not only glows within, but also originates there, may outshine an externally supplied light - at least in optogenetics.

Emory Launches New ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a Splash
The Emory ALS Center kicked off a new ALS Ice Bucket Challenge challenge Friday, August 21, in front of the Emory University School of Medicine, with buckets of ice water and fundraising challenges issued to groups across campus.

Erwin Van Meir Awarded Grant from St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Erwin Van Meir, PhD, was awarded a $100,000 grant from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to support his work in finding new approaches to treating childhood cancers.

Emory Neurosurgeons Named in Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors Issue
Atlanta Magazine’s “Top Doctors” issue for 2015 named seven members of the Emory Department of Neurosurgery faculty to the neurosurgical and neuroradiology sections.

Residents Honored with HOPE Awards
Emory Neurosurgery residents Jason Chu and Jay McCracken were honored with HOPE Awards for surgery.

Pituitary Tumors - Types, Treatments and More
You or someone you know has been diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor. So what’s next?  First, virtually all pituitary tumors are benign, that is to say they are not cancers, which is usually what comes to mind when the diagnosis “tumor” is made. They are certainly growths, hence the name tumor, and left untreated usually will get bigger. 

The Role of Neurosurgery Journals in Evidence-Based Neurosurgical Care
Throughout the past several decades, the neurosurgerypublishingcommunity has undertaken an active role in improving the quality of the neurosurgery literature. Notably, in recent years, neurosurgery journals have provided the main conduit through which the techniques of evidence-based medicine, originating outside the field, have illuminated the data produced by neurosurgery researchers.

Surgical Skill Laboratory Created
The enthusiasm and commitment by our residents to their education and training is second-to-none, specifically a hands-on course entitled “Microsurgical Neuroanatomy of Open and Endoscopic Approaches to the Skull Base.” 

Department of Neurosurgery Receives Endowment
The O. Wayne Rollins Foundation and family continued its long-standing support of Emory University by recently contributing a $6 million endowment to the Department of Neurosurgery to establish two funds, the O. Wayne and Grace Crum Rollins Endowed Fund for Neurosurgery and the Pamela R. Rollins Chair in Neurosurgery. 

Gupta Honored with Prestigious duPont Award
Our very own Dr. Sanjay Gupta was recently awarded the prestigious Alfred I. duPont Award from Columbia University for CNN’s “WEED: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports.” 

Neurosurgery Ethics: Perspectives from the Field
Neurosurgery is among the newest of surgical disciplines, appearing in its modern incarnation at the dawn of the twentieth century with the work of Harvey Cushing and his contemporaries.