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Neurosurgeons Honored for 2018 Doctors Day
Emory - 3/30/2018
Adriana Ioachimescu, MD, PhD, Prem Kandiah, MD, and Owen Samuels, MD, were honored by the Emory School of Medicine Recognitions Committee for Doctor's Day 2018. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries Explained
Advancing Your Health - 3/26/2018
Severe traumatic brain injuries affect people of all ages and are a leading cause of death and disability among young adults and adolescents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries were involved in 2.5 million emergency room visits, as well as the death of nearly 50,000 people in 2013. 

Jon Willie and Anna Rogers Awarded Pilot Grant
Emory - 3/22/2018
Jon Willie, MD, PhD, along with Anna Rogers, BS, and Georgia Tech’s Babak Mahmoudi, PhD, were awarded a 2018 Pilot Grant from the Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance (CTSA) for “Feasibility of Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Sleepiness and Cataplexy in a Mouse Model of Human Narcolepsy Type 1.”

Daniel Barrow, MD, Interview: Alex Trebek Recovering from Brain Surgery
CNN - 1/5/2018
Emory neurosurgeon, Dr. Daniel Barrow, discusses subdural hematomas in relation to Jeopardy host Alex Trebek who is recovering from brain surgery.