Cederic M. Pimentel, MD

Assistant Professor

Emory University Department of Neurosurgery


  • Pre-Clinical, Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez UreƱa (UNPHU), Dominican Republic, 2000
  • MD, Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), Dominican Republic, 2003
  • Internal Medicine Internship/Residency, Atlanta Medical Center, 2011
  • Neurology Residency, Emory University, 2014
  • Neurocritical Care Fellowship, Emory University, 2016



  • Southeast Center of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine (SCEGM), 5th Annual SCEGM Resident Award Summit, 2008
  • Honorary Liutenant, Fire Department of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), 2004
  • Best Medical Student Class, 2003
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Highest Accumulated GPA. Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), 2003
  • National Meritorious Student, Ministry of Youth. Dominican Republic, 2002
  • Student Honor List. Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU), 1997-2000


  • American Academy of Neurology 
  • American College of Physicians 
  • Society of Hospital Medicine 


  • Pimentel C.; Pimentel-Brugal E., Carrington M.; Herpes Hidden in Preeclampsia: Viral Encephalitis in Pregnancy. Poster Presentation, SHM National Meeting, San Diego – April 2008.
  • Pimentel-Brugal E., Pimentel C., Ramirez M., Crespo, N.; Calcium for Lunch: A Case of  Hungry Bone Syndrome.  Poster Presentation,  SHM Regional Meeting, Atlanta – November 2008. 
  • Pimentel-Brugal, E, Pimentel C., Mathew A.; Meralgia Paresthesica: A Benign finding As a Presenting Symptom of a Potential Fatal Condition. Poster Presentation. ACP National Meeting, Philadelphia – April 2009.
  • Pimentel-Brugal, E,  Pimentel C., Kamova O.; Drop by drop you can fill the cup: A Biloma case. Poster Presentation. ACP National Meeting, Philadelphia – April 2009.
  • Pimentel-Brugal, E, Pimentel C., Ramirez M., Carrington M.; Look What the Cat Dragged In: Bacteremic Pasteurellosis in a Cirrhotic Patient. Poster Presentation. SHM National Meeting, Chicago – May 2009.
  • Samir Belagaje, Vishal Patel, Chung-Huan Sun, Cedric Pimentel, Christopher Horn, Tommy Thomas, Raul Nogueira, Aaron Anderson, Michael Frankel, Rishi Gupta. Disposition to Acute Rehabilitation Enhances Potential for Good Clinical Outcome After Endovascular Stroke Reperfusion Therapy. Poster presentation , 10th annual meeting  NCS, Denver- Oct 2012