Alexander Papangelou, MD

Assistant Professor

Emory University Department of Anesthesiology

Director of Neuro-anesthesiology

Emory University Hospital


  • BS, University of Florida, 1997
  • MD, University of Miami, 2001
  • Internal Medicine Internship, University of Maryland, 2002
  • Neurology Residency, University of Maryland, 2005
  • Anesthesiology Residency, The Johns Hopkins University, 2008
  • Neurocritical Care and Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship, The Johns Hopkins University, 2009


Clinical Interests

  • Neuromonitoring
  • Autoregulation
  • Automated pupillometry
  • PACU delirium
  • Neurostimulation
  • Osmotherapy
  • Management of ICP crises/herniation


  • Stroke Fellows Workshop Stipend Award, 2003
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology "Dr Joe DeCenzo Awrd for Excellence, 2001


  • American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Neurocritical Care Society
  • Society of Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care


Dr. Papangelou's research has focused on the management and early detection of transtentorial herniation and intracranial hypertension.  The work has focused on hypertonic saline and mannitol in clinical and laboratory settings.


Published and Accepted Research Articles

  • Martinez H, Zoarski G, Obuchowsky A, Stallmayer B, Papangelou A, Airan-Javia S.  “A New Development in Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Stroke: The Retriever device.”  American Journal of Neuroradiology.  2004 Nov/Dec;25(10):1812-1815. PMID 15569753.
  • Mirski MA, Pandian V, Bhatti N, Haut E, Feller-Kopman D, Morad A, Haider A, Schiavi A, Efron D, Ulatowski J, Yarmus L, Stevens KA, Miller CA, Papangelou A, Vaswani R, Kalmar C, Gupta S, Intihar P, Mack S, Rushing AP, Chi A, Roberts VJ Jr. “Safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of a multidisciplinary percutaneous tracheostomy program.” Crit Care Med. 2012 Jun; 40(6):1827-3. PMID 22610187.
  • Stevens RS, Huff JS, Duckworth J, Papangelou A, Weingart SD, Smith WS. “Emergency neurological life support: intracranial hypertension and herniation.” Neurocritical Care. 2012 Sep;17 Suppl 1:60-5. PMID 22936079.
  • Papangelou A, Toung TJK, Gottschalk A, Mirski MA, Koehler RC.  “Infarct Volume after Hyperacute Infusion of Hypertonic Saline in a Rat Model of Acute Embolic Stroke.”  Neurocritical Care. 2013 Feb;18(1):106-14. PMID: 22886394.
  • Wang LC, Papangelou A, Mirski MA, Toung TJK.  “Comparison of equal volume, equiosmolar solutions of 25% Mannitol and 4.2% Hypertonic Saline with or without Furosemide on brain, lung, skeletal muscles and small bowel water content in normal Rats.”  Anesthesiology.  2013 Apr;118(4):903-13. PMID: 23442754, accompanied by editorial: Todd MM. “Hyperosmolar Therapy and the Brain: A Hundred Years of Hard-earned Lessons” 777-9.

Review Articles

  • Papangelou A, Lewin III JJ, Mirski MA, Stevens RD. “Pharmacological Treatment of Brain Edema.” Current Treatment Options Neurol.  2008 Jan;11(1):64-73. PMID: 19094838.
  • Schiavi A, Papangelou A, Mirski MA. “Preoperative Preparation of the Surgical
  • Patient with Neurological Disease.”  Medical Clinics of North America.  2009 Sept; 93 (5): 1123-30.  PMID: 19665624.
  • Schiavi A, Papangelou A, Mirski MA. “Preoperative Preparation of the Surgical
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  • Papangelou A, Radzik BR, Smith T, Gottschalk A. “A review of scalp block for cranial surgery.” J Clin Anes. 2013 Mar;25(2):150-9. PMID: 23352875.

Book Chapters

  • Seebach J, Gidusko K, Cox L, Bhavsar S, Papangelou A, Silver P. “Crisis Management and Resuscitation.” Chapter edited by Thomsen RJohns Hopkins Anesthesia Handbook.  Heitmiller and Schwengel, eds.  2009 Elsevier, Philadelphia.
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  • Chang, WT, Papangelou A, Mirski MA.  “What Are the Risk Factors for Perioperative Stroke?”  Chapter 6 in Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, Third Edition.  Fleisher, eds.  2012 Elsevier, Philadelphia

Other Publications

  • Papangelou A, Ham M, Miyamoto MM. “Variation of Multilocus Minisatellite DNA Fingerprints in Avian Populations.”  Zoological Studies.  1998:37(3):161-168.
  • Papangelou A, Ziai W. “The Birth of Neuro-simulation.” Neurocritical Care.  2010 Oct; 13(2):167-8. PMID: 20830584.
  • Papangelou A, Kulikowicz E, Toung TJK. “LMA for Urine Collection in Anesthetized Rats.” Accepted for publication, Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition.