Daniel L. Barrow, MD

    Pamela Rollins Chairman & Professor

    Emory University Department of Neurosurgery

    Chief of Neurosurgery Service

    Emory University Hospital


    Emory MBNA Stroke Center


    • BA, Westminster College, 1976
    • Externship - Department of Neurosurgery, University of Virginia, 1978
    • MD, Southern Illinois University, 1979
    • Surgical Internship, Emory University, 1980
    • Neurology Service, Harvard University, 1982
    • Neurological Residency, Emory University, 1985



    • Matthew Woods, Sr., Visiting Professor Semmes-Murphey Clinic, University of Tennessee, 2014
    • Michael Scott Visiting Professor Temple University, 2014
    • Honored Guest, The Spetzler Society, 2014
    • Walter Dandy Visiting Professor, John Hopkins University, 2013
    • Heinrich Kluver Memorial Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, 2013
    • Ghaus Malik Lecturer in Neurosurgery, Henry Ford Health System, 2013
    • Noah Duncan Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina, 2013
    • J. Garber Galbraith Lecturer, University of Alabama-Birmingham, 2012
    • W. James Garner Visiting Lecturer, The Cleveland Clinic, 2012
    • Honored Guest, Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons, 2012

    Clinical Focus

    • brain aneurysm
    • cerebral aneurysm
    • brain tumors
    • bypass surgery brain
    • carotid endarterectomy
    • carpal tunnel syndrome
    • cerebrovascular accident
    • cervical fusion
    • cranial aneurysms
    • discectomy
    • herniated disc
    • lumbar decompression
    • microdiscectomy
    • microsurgery
    • microvascular surgery
    • spinal stenosis
    • spinal surgery
    • stroke
    • skull base tumors
    • transient ischemic attacks
    • trigeminal neuralgia

    Society Memberships

    • Aequanimitas, the Neurosurgical Society
    • American Academy of Neurological Surgery
    • American Association of Neurological Surgeons
    • American College of Surgeons, Fellow
    • American Medical Association
    • Congress of Neurological Surgeons
    • Georgia Neurosurgical Society
    • Joint Section on Cerebrovascular Surgery, AANS/CNS
    • Medical Association of Atlanta
    • Medical Association of Georgia
    • Neurosurgical Society of America
    • Society of Neurological Surgeons
    • Society of University Neurosurgeons
    • Southern Neurosurgical Society
    • Stroke Council of American Heart Association, Fellow


    • Lieber BA, Wilson TA, Bell R, Barrow DL, Wolfe SQ: Gauging the Feasibility of Cost-Sharing and Medical Students Interest Groups to Reduce Interviews Costs. Neurosurgical Focus (in press).
    • Arnaout OM, El Ahmadieh TY; Zammer SG, El Tecle NE, Hamade YJ, Aoun SG, Rahme RJ, Eddleman CS, Barrow DL, Batjer HH, Bendok BR:  Microsurgical treatment of previously coiled intracranial aneurysms: Systematic review of the literature.  Neurosurgery (submitted). 
    • Howard B, Barrow DL: Neuro-ophtholomolgy and intracranial aneurysms.  World Neurosurgery (in press).
    • McCracken DJ, Willie JT, Fernald B, Saindane AM, Drane DL, Barrow DL, Gross RE: Magnetic resonance thermometry-guided stereotactic laser ablation of cavernous malformations in drug-resistant epilepsy:  Imaging and clinical results.  Neurosurgery (submitted).  
    • Barrow DL:  Neurosurgical Training.  World Neurosurgery.  http//dx.doi,org/10.1016/jwneu.2014.02.025.
    • Howard, B, Barrow DL, Screening for unruptured intracranial aneurysms:  Who and When?  World Neurosurgery (in press).
    • Youssef PP, Schuette AJ, Cawley CM, Barrow DL:  Advances in Surgical Approaches to Dural Fistulas.  Neurosurgery Supplement. 74: S32-S41, 2014.
    • Schuette AJ, Barrow DL, Cohen-Gadol AA:  Avoidance and management strategies to minimize complications during intraoperative aneurysms hemorrhage. Submitted to Neurosurgery. 
    • Etminan N, Beseoglu K, Barrow DL et al: Multidisciplinary consensus on assessment of unruptured intracranial aneurysms. Proposal of an international research group.  Stroke. 45:1523-1530, 2014.
    • Ioachimescu AG, Eiland L, Barrow DL:  Internal carotid aneurysms mimicking a craniopharyngiomas. Endocr Pract. 2013 Sep 6:1-7.

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